All About Full Spectrum CBD

CBD has become a hugely popular treatment due to its ability to treat pain, anxiety, heart and brain disease, and more. Many patients use CBD in the form of oils, capsules, edibles, and even topical products such as creams and balms. However, when buying CBD products, you might be a little confused by some of the labeling. One of the distinctions made in CBD products is whether it’s CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD is also known as whole plant CBD. Whereas CBD Isolate products use nothing but pure, isolated cannabidiol, full spectrum CBD products use a blend of all the hemp or cannabis plant’s components. That means that, in addition to CBD, you also benefit from other ingredients. This often includes other cannabinoids like CBDA and CBN. It can also include other beneficial components.

The distinction can be confusing for many customers, and you might wonder whether to buy CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD when looking into products. Both are highly beneficial for a range of health issues, but both also have unique components which may make you choose one over the other. Here’s a guide to teach you all about Full Spectrum CBD.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD?

Some CBD products are made using just CBD. These are usually advertised as CBD Isolate or 99% pure CBD. In contrast, Full Spectrum CBD products use extracts from the whole plant. While many CBD Oils are derived from cannabis plants, Full Spectrum CBD Oils often come from hemp.

CBD products often contain some amount of THC, meaning they might give you some psychoactive effects. However, you can get 100% THC-Free Full Spectrum CBD products. That means you get all of the benefits of whole plant CBD without any intoxicating effects. This makes them preferable for many users who want to use CBD Oils purely for medical purposes.

In addition to CBD, Full Spectrum CBD can also contain cannabinoids such as CBN, CBDA, CBG, and THCV. These are all safe to consume and add extra medical benefits. Using the whole plant also means you’ll get some added vitamins and minerals, plus flavonoids and terpenes. All of this combined makes full spectrum CBD products incredibly well-rounded and fantastic for medical purposes.

What’s Included In Full Spectrum CBD

Chemical formulas of natural cannabinoids

Since Full Spectrum CBD uses the whole plant, you’ll get some extra perks. Other cannabinoids and nutrients are included in these products which add some medical benefits.

Additional plant compounds are often extracted to full spectrum CBD, including other cannabinoids. Many include CBN, which helps with pain and inflammation relief along with potent sleep-boosting and anti-convulsive properties. CBG is good for antibacterial purposes and also helps inhibit cancer cell growth. THCV also contributes to reducing seizures and aiding bone growth. While you can get many of these benefits from CBD alone, having other cannabinoids to aid the process can only help. These compounds work in unison to provide a full spectrum of medical benefits to your body.

Full spectrum or whole plant CBD also contains terpenes. These are chemicals which contribute to the aroma of plants. They can also have effects such as improving memory, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, and a lot more.

Hemp-derived full spectrum CBD contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which are also good for your body. You’ll get a nice dose of amino acids, fatty acids, and other ingredients which only add to the health-boosting properties.

What Are The Effects Of Full Spectrum CBD

You can expect all the usual effects of CBD with full spectrum CBD. You might also get some extra health benefits thanks to the added cannabinoids and nutrients. Like other THC-free products, full spectrum CBD won’t get you high. You’ll simply benefit from CBD’s interaction with your body’s receptors, helping with a wide gamut of medical problems and conditions.

CBD has potent anti-inflammatory effects, making it a useful treatment for symptoms of pain and inflammation. It also has anti-anxiety effects- it can help improve your mood and lessen the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Its neuroprotective properties help patients with neurological issues. It also helps with sleep and digestive problems, amongst other things.

Full Spectrum CBD also has other added cannabinoids which help with many of these issues. Many medical marijuana patients turn to CBD as a way to get these benefits without getting high. However, even for general use, Full Spectrum CBD is fantastic for improving overall health and preventing the risk of numerous health problems.

What Conditions Does Full Spectrum CBD Help With?

One of the most compelling benefits of CBD is its ability to treat pain. Various studies have found it to be a safe and effective treatment for symptoms of pain and inflammation. Patients with chronic pain, especially with conditions such as Arthritis, benefit greatly from using CBD. It offers therapeutic effects for pain without any of the side effects found in THC or prescription pain medications.

CBD has also become a popular treatment for epilepsy. A 2016 study discovered that CBD Oil could reduce seizures in epileptic users by up to 36.5% a month. It’s useful in extreme seizure disorders, such as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

It’s also helpful for heart health. A 2017 study found that even a single dose of CBD Oil in healthy patients reduces their blood pressure. It can help reduce stress, in addition to preventing the risk of heart diseases, strokes, and metabolic syndrome.

While THC can exacerbate anxiety in some users, CBD has potent anti-anxiety effects. Studies show that CBD can help with various anxiety disorders, including OCD, PTSD, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder. It also has a positive effect on your mood and mental health in general.

CBD Oil also has other benefits. For instance, it can help with sleep, digestive issues, obesity, and even inhibit cancer cell growth. The added cannabinoids and nutrients in full spectrum CBD makes it even more effective for improving your health in general and warding off illness.

Full Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

CBD isolate

When it comes to buying CBD Oil or other CBD products, you’ll see products with various labels. There are CBD treatments which use 99% CBD or CBD Isolate. These are made by extracting cannabinoid from cannabis or hemp and removing all other components, leaving just the CBD. These are still highly potent for medical use and some users prefer to use CBD without any additional components.

Full spectrum CBD or whole plant CBD products extract cannabinoids and other components from the whole plant without isolation. That means, in addition to CBD, you get the benefits of CBN, CBG, terpenes, and various vitamins in minerals. In this sense, you get a lot more bang for your buck. All of these components have their own medical properties and add extra perks to your CBD treatment.

When it comes to Full Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate, think of it as comparing a multivitamin to an isolated vitamin. Some people will take Vitamin D when they need the potent effects of that vitamin alone. Those who want a more generalized range of health benefits will take a multivitamin.

CBD is the main component of both, so either is fine for treatment. However, if you want to benefit from other cannabinoids and nutrients, you may prefer to go with Full Spectrum CBD. You can also find CBD Oil with added THC, which adds some extra medical benefits in addition to psychoactive effects.

Where To Buy Full Spectrum CBD

Many medical dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores sell CBD products, including full spectrum CBD Oils. You may also find hemp CBD Oil at pharmacies and medical stores- these products don’t require age verification as they aren’t derived from cannabis.

Full Spectrum CBD Oils are the most common type of product. However, oils can also be infused into food, drinks, and even topical creams. Therefore, you can also find edibles, topicals, tinctures, and other products using full spectrum CBD.

You can identify these products by the labeling. Look for Full Spectrum CBD or Whole Plant CBD products. CBD Isolate products are often labeled as CBD Isolate or 99%+ Pure CBD.

You can also buy Full Spectrum CBD Oils online. You don’t need a prescription, simply sign up online and order. Ordering online allows you to get products delivered to you, making it the easiest and most convenient way to get CBD products.

Best Full Spectrum CBD Oils

Spectrum CBD Oils

While it’s easy to find and order Full Spectrum CBD Oils online, you may have a hard time deciding which one to buy. There are various different brands and different products often include different ingredients. All of these products will give you the same medical properties of CBD and only differ slightly. Here are some high-quality Full Spectrum CBD Oils to choose from.

Octavia Wellness Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil is a potent, all-natural CBD Oil extracted from hemp. A critical extraction process means you get nothing but high-quality oil, perfect for treating pain, anxiety, insomnia, skin conditions, and more. Each bottle contains 250mg of CBD, but only a 4mg drop is needed. This product also contains coconut oil and cinnamon extract, making it more enjoyable to use.

Extract Wellness Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil is another high-quality CBD Oil containing all the components of industrial hemp. It’s also available in Mint Flavor and Cinnamon Flavor so you can choose based on the taste you most enjoy. Each bottle is 250mg and the dosage is 4mg, applied via dropper under your tongue.

100% THC-Free Hemp CBD Oil is a similar option, only fine-tuned to ensure there is absolutely no THC content. Although Hemp CBD Oils generally only contain tiny traces of THC, those who want to avoid it entirely may prefer this. It’s also available in multiple flavors.

You can also treat your pets with CBD Oil. Pet Advantage Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil is designed for safe use with dogs and cats. It can help them with any conditions related to pain, inflammation, poor sleep, and poor digestion.

Laws For Using Full Spectrum CBD

The laws surrounding CBD can be confusing in the US, but luckily you shouldn’t have much of a problem with Full Spectrum CBD products.

While cannabis oils are still illegal in a few states, hemp oil is legal across America. That means you can buy full spectrum hemp CBD Oil no matter where you are. It’s safe and legal to use and makes for a great alternative to things like THC Oils.

You don’t need a medical card or a prescription to buy full spectrum CBD oils. When dealing with medical products derived from hemp, there are no legal limitations to stop you from buying and using them.

Other CBD Products

If Full Spectrum CBD Oils aren’t for you or you just want other options, there are also other CBD products available online. These are all safe and effective in treating a variety of symptoms and medical conditions.

CBD Topicals such as CBD Body Balm and CBD Body Mist penetrate the skin to give you fast-acting pain relief. These are best used for symptoms of pain, inflammation or skin problems. These don’t reach the bloodstream (barring transdermal patches) but are still useful for targeting specific areas on the body. You can also use THC Topicals.

You can also use edibles such as hemp extract gummies. All you need to do is eat and enjoy to get the therapeutic effects of CBD. Alternatively, you can also take CBD capsules as a quick and convenient method of consumption.

All CBD products are safe to use together. You may even want to combine other types of CBD treatments with full spectrum CBD oil.


Full Spectrum CBD products give you tons of benefits. By using the components of the whole plant, as opposed to isolating CBD, you get extra perks from other cannabinoids, vitamins, and amino acids. They’re safe and legal to use and can be effective for treating all kinds of symptoms. This makes products like Full Spectrum CBD Oils one of the most well-rounded and potent CBD treatments out there.