State by State CBD Laws in the USA

CBD laws in the USA can be somewhat confusing. Of course, in legal marijuana states, you’ll have no problem buying and using cannabis-derived CBD products. Others allow patients with certain conditions to use cannabis oil. In states where the medical and recreational use of cannabis is prohibited, adults can still buy hemp CBD products online, with the exception of Iowa and Texas. Here’s a list of state by state CBD laws in the USA.


CBD Laws are a little complicated in Alabama. While the use of marijuana is still illegal in Alabama, patients are legally able to use CBD Oil with up to 0.3% of THC. It’s best to stick to hemp-derived CBD products here, which are available in stores or to buy online.


Alaska has a booming CBD industry. Both medical and recreational marijuana products are fully legal in Alaska, providing you’re 21 years of age or above. That means you can buy and use CBD Oil regardless of THC levels. Those below the age limit are also able to use hemp CBD products. You should have no problem finding CBD products in dispensaries, recreational stores, and online.


Recreational use of marijuana is illegal in Arizona, but medical marijuana patients are able to use all kinds of cannabis oil. Medical cards are given to patients 18 years old or above with debilitating medical conditions. It’s also legal to buy hemp CBD oil without a medical card.


Arkansas allows the use of cannabis oil for medical marijuana patients. Those with debilitating conditions are able to get medical cards for the use of various products, including CBD products. You can also buy hemp CBD products here.


California allows all kinds of cannabis and CBD products. Adults aged 21 or above are free to buy any kind of cannabis products without a prescription- you just need proof of age via a driver’s license or similar. You can also buy hemp products here, so getting your hands on CBD isn’t a problem.


Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, so as you might expect, using CBD isn’t a problem here. All kinds of CBD products are available in stores and dispensaries, including CBD oils, topicals, edibles, and plenty more.


Connecticut has a fairly progressive medical marijuana program. Patients are able to use cannabis and CBD products for medical use, dispensed by a nurse or dispensary. Minors who are approved for medical use are also allowed to use cannabis in non-smokeable form, meaning things like CBD Oils and topicals are legal for use. You can also use hemp-derived CBD regardless of whether you have a medical marijuana license.


Delaware allows the use of medical cannabis products for patients with various conditions, with more set to be approved soon. While you need to be an approved patient to use cannabis-derived CBD products, you’ll have no problem using hemp CBD.


Although recreational marijuana is illegal here, Florida has an interesting medical cannabis system. Patients are able to use CBD oils, tinctures, sprays and edibles. Some Florida dispensaries also offer low-THC, high-CBD cannabis strains which patients can legally use. You can also buy hemp CBD products.


Although medical marijuana is illegal, Georgia has a system for registered patients to use CBD Oil. Patients may possess up to 20 ounces of oil, although it must have 0.3% THC or less. This can be either cannabis or hemp oil.


Hawaii’s medical dispensaries offer CBD products to patients. There’s also no law prohibiting adults from using hemp-derived CBD Oil that’s free of THC. Hawaii is moving closer to the legalization of cannabis which would make CBD much more accessible on the island.


Idaho is a highly conservative state with strict laws against cannabis. Even efforts to legalize CBD Oil for patients were shut down by the state. Hemp CBD products can be used, but they must be 100% THC-free.


Despite the recreational use of cannabis still being illegal in Illinois, the state has a successful and profitable medical marijuana industry. Patients of many conditions are able to get their hands on CBD Oil and other related products. Adults can also use hemp CBD products without the need for a prescription or medical card.


Indiana allows the use of CBD, but there are some strict regulations. Products must be extracted from industrial hemp, and the packaging must state that fact. Products also need to be tested by manufacturers to ensure they have less than 0.3% THC.


Iowa has strict laws regarding CBD. Although patients can get a Medical Cannabidiol Card, very few have been issued and many patients still have a hard time getting their hands on CBD. New laws will make CBD more accessible to patients. Unlike most other states, there are laws against hemp CBD products.


Kansas still hasn’t legalized recreational or medical cannabis. However, a law was passed in 2018 allowing adults to buy and use CBD products providing they are completely THC free. You don’t need a prescription or a medical card.


Kentucky has some fairly relaxed laws on CBD. Marijuana is illegal, but a state law makes an exemption for industrial hemp, meaning hemp-derived CBD products are legal for anyone to use. Cannabis-derived CBD is also legal for patients with a prescription from a licensed physician.


Louisiana medical cannabis laws allow patients to use medical cannabis via non-smokable methods. This means patients can use CBD products. You can also buy and use hemp-derived CBD without THC.


Maine is a legal state for marijuana. Adults will have no problem buying and using any kind of cannabis or hemp oil. Although recreational stores aren’t set to open until next year, consumers can still buy CBD online.


CBD is available to medical cannabis patients in Maryland through their dispensaries. Adults can also use hemp CBD products.


Massachusetts is a fully legal state. Residents should have no problem finding, buying, and using any kind of CBD products. Both cannabis and hemp products are available to customers.


Michigan is the latest state to fully legalize the use of marijuana. It also has a long-running medical marijuana program offering CBD to many patients. You can also use hemp CBD products here legally.


Minnesota allows patients to register and receive medical cards for certain conditions, such as cancer, glaucoma, ALS, MS, and sleep apnoea. It also accepts petitions yearly in June and July for new qualifying conditions and new delivery methods. Those with medical cards can use cannabis products. Regular adults can also use hemp CBD products.


Mississippi has strict regulations on using cannabis oil. Patients with epilepsy are able to get it, but it must be less than 0.5% THC and over 15% CBD. It’s also only available from the University of Mississippi right now. However, adults can use hemp products.


Patients with certain conditions are able to get medical marijuana products with a recommendation from a state-licensed physician. You can also use hemp products here.


Medical marijuana is available in many forms to patients, including CBD. You should also have no problem using hemp-derived CBD here.


Nebraska is still very anti-cannabis and has no medical marijuana program. However, there is a bill allowing FDA-approved CBD products such as Epidolex. It’s also accepting of hemp products, providing they contain less than 0.3% THC.


Marijuana is fully legal in Nevada and adults are able to buy all kinds of CBD products over the counter. You will have no problem finding or using CBD here.

New Hampshire

Cannabis is decriminalized and a medical marijuana program is available in New Hampshire. The state also has no problem with hemp products.

New Jersey

New Jersey is moving towards legalization, although right now cannabis products are available to qualifying medical patients. You can also use hemp CBD here.

New Mexico

New Mexico allows certain patients to use cannabis products. You can also buy hemp CBD products without a prescription.

New York

New York still has fairly strict cannabis laws, and even patients may have a hard time getting their hands on CBD. However, like with most other states, you’ll have no problem buying and using hemp CBD products, especially when buying online.

North Carolina

Medical patients in NC can use CBD Oil providing it contains less than 0.9% THC and at least 5% of CBD. Hemp CBD products can also be used by anyone. It’s hard to access in the state so many users turn to getting CBD online.

North Dakota

Medical cannabis has been legalized in North Dakota and is expected to be available to patients by late 2018. In the meantime, many buy CBD products online. You can use hemp products without medical approval.


Ohio has a medical marijuana program that allows non-smokable forms of cannabis, including various types of CBD products. CBD topicals, tinctures, edibles, etc are fine here.


Oklahoma passed a medical marijuana bill allowing medical cannabis products with less than 12% THC. CBD is available in many stores and online retailers in cannabis and hemp form.


Oregon is one of ten states where cannabis products are legal for both medical and recreational use. Whether you’re looking for cannabis or hemp CBD, it’s available in many forms across the state.


PA has relaxed laws on medical cannabis allowing patients to use cannabis in non-flower form, meaning cannabis and hemp CBD products are fine.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island has an expanding medical marijuana program and is also moving towards the legalization of recreational marijuana. Meanwhile, you can find many cannabis and hemp CBD products.

South Carolina

South Carolina limits the use of CBD for patients to CBD oils with 15% of CBD and over and less than 1% THC. Using hemp CBD products is also no problem.

South Dakota

South Dakota still has strict laws against marijuana. However, a law passed in 2017 excludes cannabidiol from being classified as marijuana. FDA-approved CBD products are legal here for those with a prescription.


Tennessee allows patients to use cannabis oil obtained out of state providing it has less than 0.9% THC. Hemp products are safe here.


Texas has strict CBD laws. The Texas Compassionate Use Act allows epilepsy patients to use cannabis oil with less than 0.5% THC and at least 10% CBD. Texas is one of two states, along with Iowa, that has laws against the use of hemp products. There have been efforts to legalize hemp but, for now, it’s hard to use CBD here.


As of November 2018, Utah allows patients with certain conditions such as cancer and PTSD to use medical cannabis, including cannabis oil. Adults should also have no problem using hemp-based products here.


Vermont has relaxed laws on the usage of CBD. Medical and recreational use of cannabis products is legal for adults 21 and over and the use of hemp products is also legal.


Virginia has some very progressive CBD laws. Both CBD and THCA oil is legal for patients with any diagnosed condition. Oils can also contain up to 5% THC, but no more. Cannabis and hemp CBD products are widely accessible here.


Washington is one of the longest-running legal states. As such, adults with or without a prescription will have no problem using CBD oil, topicals, edibles, and other such products.

Washington DC (District of Columbia)

Washington DC allows adults to use cannabis products both for legal and recreational purposes. Cannabis and hemp CBD products are widely accessible.

West Virginia

West Virginia has legalized medical cannabis use, although the system to get a medical card may not be put in place until 2019. Patients can use cannabis pills, oils, and topicals. You can also buy and use hemp CBD products without any issues.


Wisconsin allows patients with a doctor’s certification to use CBD products. Although there used to be stricter laws against hemp, you can now use hemp-based CBD products.


Wyoming allows the medical use of CBD products with at least 5% CBD and up to 0.3% THC. It’s hard to access in the state, but patients can buy online without a problem.